Kokey Koala, by Noel Cook

Noel Cook was born in New Zealand, but he moved to Australia. In 1924 his comic strip 'Roving Peter' appeared in the Sunday Times. In 1933, his 'Bobby and Betty', a comic with the text underneath the pictures, was published in the Daily Telegraph. Cook worked for publisher K. G. Murray, where he produced many science fiction titles such as 'Pirate Planet', 'Peril Planet' and 'The Blue Ray'.

comic art by Noel Cook

Later, he was employed by Offset Publishing, where he did 'Dick Dean - Star Reporter', 'Bobby and Betty', 'Peter' and 'Kokey Koala'. The latter was later published by Elmsdale Publications as 'Kokey Koala and his Magic Button', and became very popular with children. Noel Cook became staff artist with associated Newspapers in Sydney. He left overseas in 1950, and became art director of children's magazines by Fleetway Publications in London.

Peril Planet, by Noel Cook

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