La Femme Assise, by Copi

Raúl Damonte, better known under the pseudonym Copi, was one of the big French cartoonists. He stood out for his minimalistic style and unique way of storytelling. Born in Argentina in a family with Italian origins, he was raised in Uruguay and studied in the United States. He drew his first humorous cartoons in the 1950s for the magazine Tía Vicenta. In 1962 he moved to Paris, where he worked for such magazines as Tweety and Bizarre. In 1965 he created 'La Femme Assise' in Le Nouvel Observateur, followed by 'Les Poulets n'ont pas de Chaise' in 1966. Copi also worked for the magazines Hara-Kiri, Charlie Mensuel and Libération and Square publishers. Besides his work for France, he worked for the American market (Evergreen), the Italian (Linus) and the Spanish (Triunfo). In addition to his cartoon activities, Copi was a novelist and a playwright. Copi passed away in 1987 from AIDS at the age of 48. Other comic writers/artists who passed away from AIDS have been Allen Shapiro, Henfil, Keith Haring, Dom Orejudos, Neal Pozner and Ted Stearn.

Artwork by Copi

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