La Fée Aveline
La Fée Aveline

Luis Garcia Gallo, who published under the name Coq, spent most of his career working for the French press, and mainly the journal Paris-Presse and the weekly Jours de France. Born in Toro, Coq studied arts in Bilbao, and became a political artist in Spain with most notably 'El Generalísimo' in 1937. He headed for France in the late 1940s. He created humorous drawings and comics for French newspapers and magazines, and he had his biggest success in the early 1950s with the pantomime comic 'Mam'zelle Souris'. Until 1964, the strip had a good diffusion through the Intermonde Presse agency, and was published in Paris-Presse, L'Intransigeant, Ici-Paris, France-Soir, and Le Soir.

Docteur Gaudeamus, by Coq
Docteur Gaudeamus

Between 1959 and 1979, he drew the vertical animal strip 'Azor', published in Le Soir. From 1962 to 1979, he created the series 'Nanette' for Jours de France, a magazine for which he also redrew his 'Mam'zelle Souris' strips. Coq worked with René Goscinny for a long time on series like 'La Fée Aveline', 'Yvette' and, most notably, 'Docteur Gaudéamus', which ran from 1960 to 1973. Coq was also present in 24 Heures with 'Médor' in 1964-66. Coq drew for the press until the mid-1980's.

Yvette by Coq

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