Vegas Jim - Il Re di Crystall City, by Raffaele Cormio
Vegas Jim - Il Re di Crystall City

Born in Narni Scalo (Terni), Raffaele Cormio career began at a very early age in 1954 (when his family moved to Milan) as a letterer and logo designer for Edizioni Alpe. In the 1960s, he started a long collaboration with Luciano Secchi (for publishing house Serpente Volante, later called Editoriale Corno) drawing 'Kansas Kid' and 'Maschera Nera' covers and the comic character 'Atomik'. He was first in drawing 'Kriminal' comic books (a character created by Magnus and Bunker). With text by G.L. Bonelli he drew 'Vegas Jim 'Il Re di Crystall City'. He also wrote some scripts for 'Il Piccolo Ranger' for Altamira and 'Luisa, Paolo e Gino' drawn by Pietro Gamba and he created (art and story) 'Mascheruomo' for Il Giornalino (San Paolo publishing house). He died in Milan in 1981.

Gli Sceriffi, by Raffaele Cormio
Gli Sceriffi, art by Raffaele Cormio

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