Bob de Beker by Aart Cornelissen

Aart Cornellisen is a professional illustrator for books, magazines and newspapers. In the early 2000s, he left Amsterdam and settled in the Frisian town Makkum. His first comic was 'De Aventoeren fan Hotze Klots' which was first published in the Frisian language in 2005 (script by Otto Gielstra). The comic deals with Frisian themes like the kaats game (an old Frisian ball game that bears some resemblance to cricket) and the Elfstedentocht (a speed skating competition held through 11 Frisian cities).

Hotze Klots by Aart Cornelissen

Another comic by Cornelissen is 'Simonsoog', which is published in Wad en Stad, a free paper available on every ferry to one of the (West) Frisian Islands. In 2010 he drew the Frisian Sinterklaas comic 'Sinteklaas en de Ferstekeling' for the Friese Pers Boekerij in cooperation with the Stichting Sinterklaas Intoch Leeuwarden. His sports strip 'Bob de Beker' is published weekly in the regional paper Friesch Dagblad since 2011. He also works on a comic about the Frisian buccaneers 'Oebele en Abele' for the publisher Afûk.

Simonsoog by Aart Cornelissen

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