Buffalo Bill #6 - 'Het Rotsdorp' (1968).

Perry Cotta is a Belgian comic artist who illustrated two installments in the 'Buffalo Bill' western comic book series by publisher De Goudvink in 1968.

Artist and actor?
Virtually nothing is known about the artist known as Perry Cotta. His name might be a pseudonym, although a person called Perry Cotta is also listed among the actors in the 1960 Belgian comedy film 'Hoe Zotter, Hoe Liever', written and directed by Edith Kiel.

Buffalo Bill
In the late 1960s, Cotta was working for the Flemish publisher De Goudvink from Schelle. In 1968, he drew the fifth and sixth installment in the 'Buffalo Bill' comic book series, 'Opstand in Ortez City' and 'Het Rotsdorp'. The stories were written by Rik Dierckx, who had also scripted the first four volumes,  drawn by former Studio Vandersteen artist Karel Verschuere. Unlike other comics from that time period, the stories were not serialized in a magazine or newspaper first, but published directly in book format. This might explain the comic's limited success and early cancellation. In 1970, the 'Buffalo Bill' stories were reprinted in Ohee, a magazine containing a weekly full comic story, published by newspaper Het Volk. However, these publications erroneously credited all the stories to Verschuere. In 1984, the entire 'Buffalo Bill' series - both the Verschuere and Cotta episodes - was reprinted in a new book series by the Antwerp publisher Dimensie.

Buffalo Bill by Perry Cotta
Buffalo Bill #5 - 'Opstand In Ortez City' (1968). Perry Cotta appears to have had a preference for drawing close-ups.

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