Mama's Boyz, by Jerry Craft

Jerry Craft graduated from the School of Visual Arts in 1984. He started his career working on 'New Kids on the Block' for Harvey Comics and 'Sweet 16' for Marvel. In May of 1987, he sold his first comic strip, 'The Outside View', to a couple of local newspapers in New York. The comic was sort of a rainbow coalition of teenagers who were friends. In September of 1990, Craft got rid of several of the characters, made the two main boys brothers and added a mom and other family members to the cast. He began self-syndicating this retooled strip, renamed 'Mama's Boyz', to The City Sun in New York and ten other weekly papers across the country. Since February of 1995, 'Mama's Boyz' was part of a weekly package distributed by King Features Syndicate to over 1,500 newspapers in the United States.

Jerry Craft and his Mama's Boyz

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