The Life of Pope Pius XII (The Circleville Herald, 6 March 1939)
'The Life of Pope Pius XII' (The Circleville Herald, 6 March 1939).

Clifton H. Crittenden was an American newspaper artist affiliated with the King Features division Central Press Association in the 1930s.

Life and career
The Ohio-born Crittenden attended the Cleveland (Cuyahoga) School of Art around the turn of the century. He signed most of his work with "Crit". He was one of the illustrators for the syndicate's short biographical comics features about famous people who were in the news. The series was published in text comics format and sometimes also featured photographs. Known installments drawn by Crittenden are at least 'The Story of James J. Braddock' (boxer, June 1935), 'Life of King Edward VIII' (British king, February 1936), 'The Saga of Mrs. Simpson' (American socialite who caused the aforementioned king Edward VIII to abdicate, because he rather wanted to marry her and give up his crown than become monarch, December 1936) and 'The Life of Pope Pius XII' (March 1939). Other artists for these type of features during the 1930s were Alfred Buescher and Roland Jack Scott.

The Saga of Mrs. Simpson

Crittenden also drew the original 'The Story of Stalin' (1939), but it is unknown if this version was ever published. The feature was updated in 1952 by Alfred Buescher and William Ritt to Stalin's expected death, and was ready for use when the Soviet dictator would pass away. The strip was syndicated from 7 through 13 April 1953, although the News Journal from Mansfield, Ohio ran it in its entirety on 12 April 1952... about a year before Stalin's actual death!

Panels of The Story of Stalin illustrated by Crittenden (1939/1952)
Panels of 'The Story of Stalin' illustrated by Crittenden (1939/1952).

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