Juanjo, by Carlos Cruz

The third of seven brothers, Carlos Cruz was of an Andalusian family who moved to Malaga after the Spanish Civil War. At age 17, he was already a professional artist for the local press. He emigrated to Buenos Aires in 1949, where he began working in a flour factory. He also took on a job at the publishing house Abril, where he worked as a designer. During the 1950s he also became a cover illustrator of Idilio, Nocturno and Más Allá. Soon, he became an occasional sketcher of other artist's comics, like Hugo Pratt's 'Sargento Kirk'. He finally got his turn on comics of his own with 'Colt Miller', 'Indio Suarez' and 'Santos Palma' (written by the legendary Hector German Oesterheld). He also contributed to the German magazine Pip published by Rolf Kauka. Later on, he began to work for the Phantom magazine published by Egmont.

Roamin' James, by Carlos Cruz

Cruz returned to Malaga in the early 1960s. He began a collaboration with the British Fleetway agency, for which he did action, horror, war and romantic comics. His stable production for Fleetway during twenty years, got him certain recognition in the UK, mainly after drawing 'Dan Dare' for a while. Other British credits are 'Mighty McGinty' in Buster, 'Moonie's Magic Mate' and 'The Pillater Peril' in Smash. Cruz also kept producing work for the Spanish market, like 'Juanjo' for Trinca magazine and Bruguera publishers. He also worked for the Dutch Oberon on 'Kelly', that appeared in Tina. He joined a team of artists to alternate on 'El Hombre Enmascarado', that was popular in Sweden.

Kelly, by Carlos Cruz

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