Muse, by Roger Cruz

Rogério da Cruz, better known as Roger Cruz, was born in São Paulo. He began his career working as an art assistant for some advertising agencies in 1987/1988. His first work in comics was doing lettering of the Portuguese versions of American comics for the publishing house Abril through the Artecomix studio, today known as Art & Comics. He eventually began drawing himself, initially using the pseudonym RoC. K. He published his early works in the magazine Mil Perigos and with the publisher Vidente. One of the countless crises in the comics market made him return to lettering. But when Art & Comics began to do represent artists for the American market, Cruz became a fulltime comic artist.

comic art by Roger Cruz

His first work for the USA was an issue of 'Armor' for Continuity Comics. Several assingments by Marvel followed, including 'Hyperkind', 'Ghost Rider', 'Hulk', 'Uncanny X-men', 'X-men Alpha', 'X-men Omega', 'X-Patrol', 'Generation X', 'X-caliber', 'X-Factor' and 'Avengers Timeslide'. He also worked for Image Comics for a year, doing 'Team Youngblood', 'Brigade', 'Angela & Glory' and several pinups and covers. He went back to Marvel to do 'X-Men', 'Silver Surfer' and 'Alpha Flight'.

comic art by Roger Cruz

He temporarily stopped his work for American publisher and became co-founder of Fábrica de Quadrinhos, a Brazilian graphic art school and studio. With the studio, he made the magazine Linha de Ataque for the publisher Abril, illustrations and storyboards for advertising agencies, character desing for TV programs. After a while, he took on drawing for the USA again, making 'Darkness', 'Ascension', 'X-Men', 'Wolverine', 'Magneto-Dark Seduction' and character design for the magazine E.V.E. He left the Fabrica in 1999 and became a freelancer, doing among others '10 Th Muse'. In 2002, he returned to Art & Comics again, where he did 'Wonder Woman', book illustration and some personal projects.

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