Fohasz, by David Cserkuti

David Cserkuti did his first comics for magazines like Tranai and Füles Magazine in 1998. In that same year, he also commenced his career as an illustrator in the magazine Matáv. Over the years, Cserkuti's illustrations have appeared in such magazines as Reader's Digest and Cinema Magazine and on several advertising campaigns. He has done promotional comics for companies like Kinley, Unilever, Unicum, Adidas and Fiat. In 2002, he did animated comics for the music video of Hungarian hip-hop artist Dopeman. For PinkHell magazine, he has created 'Fohász' (2005) and 'Henry a Playboy' (2006). In 2006, he made 'A Torony' ('The Tower') for Eduárd comic magazine and contributed to the Fekete-Fehér comic anthology. He has taken part in several group exhibitions and has won a number of awards.

A Torony, by David Cserkuti

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