Tragédia by Laszlo Csordas

László Csordás is a Hungarian comic book illustrator, born in Szikszó on 17 January 1960. A self-taught artist, he was encouraged by comic book scriptwriter Ferenc Kiss to pursue a career in comics. He began working for Füles magazine and its sister publications in 1995.

The jests of King Mathias by Laszlo Csordas
The jests of King Mathias

Csordás follows the path of the traditions of Zórád and has a great sense of adapting classic Hungarian literary works to comics. These include Ernö Szép's 'Mátyás király tréfái' ('The jests of King Mathias', 1995–2001), H.G. Wells' 'Kökori história' ('A Story of the Stone Age', 1996), Mihály Fazekas' 'Lúdas Matyi' (1999), Antal Gyurits' 'Menekvés Debreczenbe' ('Escape to Debreczen', 1999), Frigyes Karinthy's 'A cirkusz' ('The circus', 2004), Zsigmond Móricz's 'Tragédia' (2005).

A story of the Stone Age by Laszlo Csordas
A story of the Stone Age

He also made an adaptation of H.G. Wells' 'A story of the Stone Age' in 1996, and has worked with Ferenc Kiss on the 'Razor' series in 2010. In 1999 he won third place in the comic book competition Menekvés Debreczenbe (Escape to Debreczen) announced by the Museum of Transport.

Razor by Daniel Csordas

Laszlo Csordas

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