Konformist by Alem Curin
Luna Moth vs. The Conformist (2011)

Alem Ćurin studied graphic arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, but he abandoned his studies to pursue comic art. Having experienced disappointment due to failure in commercial comics, he turned to painting and sculpting, but never completely abandoned comics. In 1980s his comic strips were occasionally published in youth magazines like Omladinska iskra and Studenski list.

Artwork by Alem Curin

By 1991 he was a designer in the Croatian National Theatre in Split. At the same time he started working as illustrator and art director for Profile, a supplement to Nedjeljna Dalmacija. Between 1993 and 2008 he worked as illustrator for Feral Tribune. He is a co-founder of the cultural newspaper Torpedo and co-author of 'Utorkaške zbirke kratkih priča'. He received a Grand-prix at the Belgrade International Comics Festival 2008.

Comic art by Alem Curin
Happy New Fear!

He has been working on several projects with Alex de Campi, including a 'Luna Moth vs. The Conformist' story for the 'Escapist' comic book by Dark Horse. Besides comics, Alem Curin mostly lives from illustration and graphic design. He is also the author of 'Egostriper' (2011), a thick book of essays about comic book heroes and authors that were important to him during his childhood.

Artwork by Alem Curin

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