Politie by D'Auwe

Dirk van der Auwera is a Belgian cartoonist, comic artist and caricaturist. Publishing under the pen name D'Auwe, he has worked on a variety of humorous comic books for the promotion of cities. For the municipality of Lier, he has made 'Lier in de ban van Kofi Annan' and 'Sergio Salmone' with Johan van Rooy and 'Het geheim van de Donkkoers'. He has subsequently made a comic series for Knokke-Heist, called 'Knokke-Heist Verstript', as well as 'De Ziekenhuisavonturen van Piep' for the Knokke hospital AZ Gezondheidszorg Oostkust.

Knokke-Heist by D'AuweLier in de ban van Kofi Annan by D'Auwe

D'Auwe has contributed to the Minerva collection of 't Mannekesblad, and made a series of gags about cops for De Boemerang, called 'Politie'. A French edition was published by Joker Editions in 2011. In 2011 he paid graphic homage to Pom in the collective tribute album 'Op Het Spoor van Pom' (2011).

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