Inès by Jerome D'Aviau

Jérôme D'Aviau is a Bordeaux-based French comic artist, who also works under the pen names Jeroda, Poipoi and Poipoipanda. He was born in Paris, and grew up with an early interest in the work of Gotlib and comics like 'Blueberry' by Charlier and Giraud. He moved with his family to Angoulême, the comics centre of France. A meeting with F'Murr at this city's comic festival in 1978 was crucial for his decision to become a cartoonist.

Years later, now based in Bordeaux, he started working for videogame productions. His first published comic was the fantasy story 'Soulhunters', which he made under the pseudonym Jeroda with his former colleague Serge Meirinho for Éditions Soleil in 2006. He has since then worked regularly with Loïc Dauvillier on social chronicles and graphic novels like 'Ce qu'il en reste' (co-written by Joseph Incardona at Les Enfants Rouges, 2007), 'Nous n'irons plus ensemble au canal Saint-Martin' (in cooperation with Sibylline, François Ravard and Capucine at Les Enfants Rouges in 2007) and 'Inès' (Drugstore, 2009).

Histoires Avouables by Jerome D'Aviau
Histoires Inavouables

He has worked with Sibylline on 'Le Trop Grand Vide d'Alphonse Tabouret' (Ankama, 2010), with Ovidie on the erotic book 'Histoires inavouables' (Delcourt, 2013), and participated in collective works like 'Les Autres Gens' (Dupuis, 2012-2014) and the erotic anthology 'Premières fois' (Delcourt, 2008). He uses the pseudonym Poipoi for his more humorous work, such as 'Ange le Terribé' in Glénat's Tchô collection (2008-2011) and the superhero parody 'C.R.A.S.H.' (with Hervé Bourhis at Casterman, 2016).

Ange le Terrible by Poipoi
Ange le Terrible

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