Tric y Trake by Federico Daloisio

Federico Daloiso was one of the classic Argentine comic artists. His first creation was 'Buby' in Tit-Bits in 1934. Starting in 1935, he created series like 'Aventuras de Casimiro', 'Kid Tortazo', 'Bimbo', 'El Negro Cachito', 'Don Juan Porteño' and 'Monono y Lili' in the magazines Aconcagua and Fémina. Also, he produced 'Betún' and 'Jo Jo los Alegres Detectives' for La Razón. Daloisio furthermore created 'Lechuga' in Figuritas (1936) and 'El Mago Truco y su Ayudante Retruco' in Cachilo (1939). In 1940 he created his most famous series in the daily El Mundo, 'Tric y Trake'.

Daloisio, who also signed with D'Al or Dalo, launched Tric y Trake magazine in 1954, in which he created many more popular characters, such as 'Metafierro', 'Pegote', 'Panchito Maidana' and 'Ventolino'. He also produced cartoons for publications like Estampa, De Frente and La Razón. Daloisio spent the final years of his career working for Ediciones Torino, where he created new characters like 'Rififi', 'El Pibe Lechuga' and 'Carlitos'.

Ventolino by Federico Daloisio

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