The Masked Rider, by John Daly
The Masked Rider (Startling Comics #10, 1941)

John Daly worked as an advertising artist during the 1920s, and worked in American comic books through Funnies Inc in the 1940s. He created features like 'Masked Rider' and 'The Rio Kid' for Better Publications, 'Rock Wayburn' for Centaur and 'Bull's Eye Bill' for Novelty Comics. He also contributed to Real Heroes and True Comics. He did several features for National/DC until the 1950s, including 'Aquaman', 'Congo Bill', 'Crimson Avenger', 'Johnny Everyman' and 'Slam Bradley'. He remained active in comics during the 1950s, drawing 'Indian Chief' for Dell and western and war features for Hillman.

Sub-Zero by John Daly
Sub-Zero (Blue Bolt Comics #v2#11, April 1942)

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