Pinkerton by Damour

Sébastien Tessier is a French comic artist, who works under the name Damour. Born in La Roche-sur-Yon in the Vendée department, he worked in painter Jacques Golly's atelier Ma Gomme before obtaining his degree in Plastic Arts in Bordeaux. His initial focus was to become an art teacher, but he eventually turned to creating comic art after meeting representatives of the publishing house Delcourt at the Angoulême comic festival of 1994.

His first series was the steampunk comic 'Nash Tulsa', that was written by Jean-Pierre Pécau for the collection Série B of Delcourt between 1997 and 2007. Damour showcased an attraction to science fiction and the depiction of the atmosphere of overcrowded megacities and shady wildlife. In 2002, Damour drew the first volume of 'Le silence de la terre' by Anne Ploy for Les Humanoïdes Associés. He worked with Pécau again on the series 'Le testament du Docteur M' (2008-2010). He drew the seventh installment of Alcante's 'Pandora Box' series in 2006, and made the 'Casus Belli' storyline for the series 'Kookaburra Universe' with Rémi Guérin (Soleil, 2012).

Nash, by Damour

He has also participated in several collective projects, such as 'La Cuisine de Bertheline' (BD Lire, 2005), 'Les Amis d'Atalante' (Soleil, 2003), 'Carmen+Travis' (Delcourt, 2005) and 'Les véritables légendes urbaines' (Dargaud, 2007). He turned to a historical theme with the western series 'Pinkerton', created in cooperation with Guérin for Glénat from 2012, and with 'Et Napoléon créa... La Roche-sur-Yon', a book about his hometown, written by Jean-Blaise Djian (Vagabondages, 2013).

Docteur M by Damour
Le testament du Docteur M

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