Les Fils du Vent, by Bob Dan (L'Intrepide)
Les Fils du Vent (L'Intrepide)

Robert Dansler, better known as Bob Dan, was one of the most prolific French comic authors. Besides Bob Dan, he sometimes signed his work Bobby, Erdé or Hoberdon. Dansler studied at the Bernard-Palissy school in Paris, where he learned drawing and sculpting. After being in the Navy during World War I, Dansler turned to painting and advertiment illustration at the Imprimerie Moderne in Nantes and Maison Rosen in Paris.

La Fontaine by Hoberdon
La Fontaine n'avait pas tout dit... (Jeudi #244, 1936)

From the early 1930s, he drew his first gags and illustrations in Tel Quel and Le Hérisson. He became a productive comic artist, with contributions to magazines like Jeudi ('Frangipane et Carafon', 'L'Aigle des Montagnes Rocheuses', etc.), Jean-Pierre and several almanacs. In Mon Camarade (the predecessor of Vaillant magazine), he drew 'Jim Mystère' from 1936 to 1940. In 1941 he was present in Junior with 'Yves et ses Feux Follets'.

Zorro by Bob Dan (1949)
Le Protégé de Zorro (script by Fronval, L'Intrepide, 28-9-1949)

After World War II, Dan's production intensified, becoming one of the main artists of Artima publishers. He remained at this publishing house until his death in 1972. There, he created characters like 'Bill Tornade', 'Jack Sport' and 'Tarou'. While working for Artima, Dansler also drew for Robin l'Écureuil, L'Intrépide ('Zorro', 'Bison Noir', 'Don Luz d'Estramadure'), Zig et Puce and Zorro.

Bill Tornade by Bob Dan

He took over various series in the new version of Jean-Pierre (1954-1955). In Hurrah he made comic adaptations of films and in Lisette, he drew the bear 'Maxime' from 1961 to 1968.

cover for Hardy by Bob Dan

Dansler made short stories for Aventures Filmées, Kid Magazine, Zorro Magazine, Sans Peur and Old Brigger. In the early 1940s, he wrote some crime novels.

La Jongue en Flammes by Bob Dan
La Jonque en Flammes (26/6/1948)

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