comic art by Lloyd Dangle

Lloyd Dangle grew up in Michigan and, after attending the University of Michigan school of art, started to draw cartoons for Michael Moore's newspaper, the Michigan Voice. He is an illustrator, writer, and cartoonist whose works have appeared in over 100 magazines and newspapers of every type, including: Blab!, Entertainment Weekly, Mother Jones, Motorbooty, The New York Times, Outside, The Progressive, Sierra, Utne Reader, Weirdo, and Wired.

Too Sweet, by Lloyd Dangle (1995)

He is the creator of 'Next Stop: Troubletown' (1996), a comic about slackers and suits, down-and-out losers, sleazy plutocrats, fast-food waitrons and their corporate overlords. This weekly strip was first published in the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 1988 and has grown to become a widely syndicated cartoon feature in alternative newsweeklies and lefty political magazines. Lloyd Dangle lives in Oakland, California.

comic art by Lloyd Dangle

Troubletown, by Lloyd Dangle

Lloyd's Troubletown website

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