comic art by Ding Darling

J.N. "Ding" Darling was most widely known for his editorial cartoons, which appeared in nearly 150 newspapers nationwide and earned him two Pulitzer Prizes. He was the creator of features like 'Taking the Day's Work Home to Be Free From Interruptions', 'We Could Live Just as Cheaply as Our Fathers (1911-1912), 'The Great American Sucker' (1912), and 'The Musical Career of Tillie Clapsaddle' (1912). Although Darling earned his living as an editorial cartoonist, his passion was teaching the wise use of the world's natural resources. Skilled in public speaking, articulate in writing, Darling devoted his special talents to conservation education and to developing programs and institutions which would benefit wildlife. His cartoons, sometimes sequential, also dealt with that theme. Father of the Federal Duck Stamp Program, founder of the National Wildlife Federation, creator of the Cooperative Fish & Wildlife Research Unit Program, "Ding" Darling laid the groundwork for the system of today's National Wildlife Refuges.

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