Ciudad Magnetica, by Francisco Darnis

Self-taught artist Francisco Darnís was one of La Risa Infantil magazine's main artists.  His work first appeared in issue #540 and would popularize science fiction and space operas among Spanish readers. Darnís began his career as a cabinet maker and piano tuner, in succession of his father. He took on drawing when he was inactive for two months due to an accident in 1930. Inspired at first mainly by Alex Raymond, he produced such famous stories for La Risa Infantil as 'Tom el Dominador del Universo', and 'Sam el Gigante en la Terrible Isla de los Hombres Caimanes'. His longest running, and most famous series became 'Nick, Pecho de Hiero', which he created in 1933. Darnís' work was also published in magazines like P.B.T. and Rin Tin Tin. He created the adventure strip 'El Jabato' along with scriptwriter Victor Mora in 1958. Darnís drew the series until his death from a cerebral hemorrhage in 1966.

Ciudad Magnetica, by Francisco Darnis

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El Jabato, by Francisco DarnisEl Jabato, by Francisco Darnis

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