Ciel en ruine by Olivier Dauger
Ciel en ruine

Olivier Dauger is a French illustrator affiliated with the Kot & Kat agency. He is one of the main artists for the collection Cockpit by publisher Paquet with his series 'Ciel en ruine'. He has been working as an illustrator and graphic artist for the press, communication and advertisements since graduation from the Esag Penninhghen art school in Paris in 1992.

Among his corporate clientele are BNP Paribas (Cardif, Cétélem, BNP Paribas), Banque Populaire, Crédit Agricole, Gaz de France, Laboratoire Roche, and Sagem. Influenced by the Clear Line, he ventured into comics in cooperation with journalist Philippe Pinard, with whom he makes the aviation war comic 'Ciel en Ruine' since 2007. He has also made the illustrations for 'Pilotes & Co', a book about pilots from the 1920s through the 1960s. Dauger and Pinard have also collaborated on the adventure series 'Zone Rouge' for the Paquet collection Calandre in 2011.

Zone Rouge by Olivier Dauger
Zone Rouge

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