'De Kappers' (7 July 2011), depicting politician Bart De Wever and referencing the long, eventually record-breaking Belgian government formation crisis. Translation: "After De Wever's "No"...  - "Everything is stuck again." 

Davidd is a Belgian cartoonist and sales promotor, known for creating the one-panel gag cartoon series 'De Kappers' (1986-2014?), which has run in the newspapers De Streekkrant and De Zondag until at least 2014.

Life and career
Born as David Debusscher, Davidd has been active in Halle and then in Grimbergen, towns in the Brussels region. According to his Linkedin profile, he studied at the Sint-Lukas art school in Brussels (1987-1988) and then at the Flanders Interuniversity Institute of Biotechnology (VIB). Since the 1990s, his dayjob has been in sales promotion and field sales, working for Nestlé (1992-2018) and then the La Lorraine Bakery Group (2019- ). In his spare time, he has been active as a cartoonist-for-hire under the name Davidd. His pseudonym is a a contraction of his first name and the last letter of his family name. 

'De Kappers' (29 May 2013). Translation: "Plastic surgeons are allowed to advertise again. Me and my patient before her breast enlargement. Me and my patient after her breast enlargement." 

De Kappers
In the 1980s, Debusscher became house cartoonist of De Streekkrant, a free Flemish weekly published by the Roularta Media Group. Debusscher signed his cartoons with his pseudonym Davidd. On 14 October 1986, he launched his long-running one-panel gag cartoon 'De Kappers'. The feature has no characters with individualized personalities, only several nameless people who all look identical and are referred to by a collective nickname, "de kappers" ("the hairdressers"). Contrary to what the title suggests, the characters aren't barbers. They simply all have long hair, indicating they probably should get a haircut soon.

'De Kappers' offers light-hearted comedy about current events. Some punchlines refer to huge (inter)national news stories, but most gags are more timeless reflections on annual events, like shops' bargain weeks or the start of the new school year. In 1998, De Streekkrant received a Sunday sister paper, De Zondag, in which 'De Kappers' was also published. While De Streekkrant was discontinued in 2021, De Zondag is still in print to this day. It is unknown when (or if) 'De Kappers' were cancelled, but no new episodes have been posted on the Facebook page of De Zondag since August 2014.

'De Kappers' (2 July 2014). Translation: "And how much discount did you receive?" - "100%."

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