comic art by Alan Davis

Alan Davis is an English artist who began his career in 1982 in several fanzines alongside Mike Collins. Later on, his work also appeared in such magazines as Warrior, 2000 AD, where he worked with Alan Moore on the 'Captain Britain', 'DR & Quinch' and 'Marvelman' series. However, Davis is mainly know for the work he did for the American market. In 1985, he was assigned by DC to do the 'Batman & The Outsiders' series. In 1986 he also cooperated on six issues of 'Detective Comics', before he left after a dispute with DC.

Excalibur, by Alan Davis

He then turned to Marvel, where his most notable work was the 'Excalibur' series, which he created in 1987 with scenarist Chris Claremont. Earlier, Davis had already worked with Claremont on stories of the 'X-Men' and 'New Mutants'. In 1990, Davis left the 'Excalibur' series to do some 'Wolverine' comics. In 1991 he returned on 'Excalibur' and also took the writing of some episodes. In later years, Davis worked on such comics as 'X-Men/Clan Destine', 'X-Men Saga', 'Gen 13', 'Justice League: The Nail', 'Uncanny X-Men', 'Superboy's Legion' and 'Batman - Gotham Knight'.

comic art by Alan Davis

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