Horacio (1975), by Mauricio de Souza
Horatio (1975)

Born in Santa Isabel, São Paulo, Mauricio De Sousa was raised in an artistic family. At the age of 17, Mauricio De Sousa worked as a crime reporter for the daily newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo. In 1959, he quit his reporting job and dedicated his career to the comics, starting at the publishing house Civita. His earliest creations were Bidù and Cebolinha and their gang, as well as the caveman Piteco.

Franjinha, by Mauricio de Sousa
Franjinha, art by Mauricio

De Sousa married and had a daughter, Monica, who was the inspiration his strip: 'Turma da Mônica' ('Monica and her Gang'). He developed a gallery of children characters inspired by kids he remembered from his childhood, like Magali, Marina, Maria Cebolinha, Cascão, Nimbus e Do Contra, as well as the dinosaur 'Horacio'.

Lobi em Transformaca, by Mauricio de Sousa
Lobi em Transformaca

In 1970, Editora Abril launched a full-color monthly magazine around the Monica character. Eventually other De Sousa characters were given their own titles. The sales ran into the millions each month, surpassing Disney publications. Starting 1986, the comic books created by De Sousa and his studios were published by Editorial Globo.

Special edition of Monica, art by Mauricio de Sousa
Monica, special anniversary edition

Among his studio co-workers are Laura C. Ferraz and Sidnei L. Salustre, as well as many other writers and artists. Mauricio De Sousa has become the most successful cartoonist in the Brazilian comic industry, and his creations have been featured in television series, video games and merchandising.

Monica, art by Mauricio de Sousa
Monica, art by Mauricio de Sousa (1974)

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