from La Semaine de Suzette, by Henri de Sta

French illustrator Henri de Sta was born in Versailles as Arsène Henri Saint-Alary. He began his career around 1882 with La Vie Artistique and the publishing house of Léon Vanier. Coming from a family of militaries, garrison life became a regular theme in his career. De Sta worked as a humorous illustrator for Le Chat Noir since 1892. He was also present in Le Paris Bouffon (1885), Le Rire (1897) and Le Charivari (1900). He composed military alphabets, illustrated songs and produced comics for La Chronique Amusante from 1896, and for Les Contes Moraux et Merveilleux of the printing firm Pellerin d'Epinal.

from La Semaine de Suzette, by Henri de Sta (Semaine de Suzette, 1909)

Besides being present in satirical magazines, he was also drawing extensively for the children's press. He was present in La Semaine de Suzette between 1905 and 1905, drawing picture stories that often starred the elephant Toby. He also drew for Le Petit Journal Illustré de la Jeunesse. He was a member of the Society of Cartoonists under the chairmanship of Léandre and Steinlen. He passed away in 1920 at the age of 74.

cover by Henri de Sta (1905)

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