'Remi de Onversaagde' from Suske en Wiske Weekblad 1996-16.

Elfje De Rooster is a Belgian comic artist and animator, mostly active in the 1990s. She has worked for Suske en Wiske Weekblad and a couple of German animation projects. As a comic artist, her most notable work is the humorous chivalry series 'Remi de Onversaagde' (1996-1997). 

In their 1996 and 1997 issues, the comic magazine Suske en Wiske Weekblad ran four short stories of 'Remi de Onversaagde' ("Remi the Brave"), a medieval adventure series written and drawn by Elfje De Rooster. Remi is a heroic peasant, accompanied by a flying pixie named Badin. In several stories he tries to save a princess from the dungeons of an evil wizard, Balkar the Grey. All stories are always abruptly interrupted, because they turn out to be the daydreams of an absent-minded kid, Remi, in the present-day era. To him, Remi is his medieval alter ego. 

Not much is known about De Rooster's furher life and career. On IMDB, this creator is credited with animation projects in Germany. De Rooster was a clean-up artist for the 1999 film 'Tobias Totz und sein Löwe' by Rothkirch Cartoon Film and a storyboard artist on the 'Benjamin Blümchen' TV series (2002).

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