Funny Side Up, by Abner Dean
Funny Side Up

Abner Dean was an American cartoonist, whose work includes depictions of human behavior in grim urban setting or barren landscapes. He studied at the National Academy of Design, and worked as a commercial illustrator for among others The New Yorker, Life and Esquire magazine. Starting in 1940, Dean made the gag panel 'Funny Side Up' for United Features.

The feature didn't run long, but returned in the United Features comic books Sparkler Comics and Tip Top Comics in 1943 as a filler gag page, featuring cartoons and comic strips. Since 1945, several collections with his work have been published, including 'It's A Long Way To Heaven', 'What Am I Doing Here?', 'And On The Eighth Day', 'Cave Drawings of the Future' and 'Come As You Are'.

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