Wattaco by Eugeen Decamps
'Wattaco' (Zonneland #24, 1952).

Eugeen Decamps made his debut in Het Vrije Waasland in 1948 with 'Het Geheim van de Lachende Mummie', followed by 'Het Kasteel van Spoken en Ratten' and 'Wattaco en Jerry' a year later. In the early 1950s, Decamps was present in 't Kapoentje with 'Het Atoomgraf' and in Zonneland with 'Wattaco en de Uilengrot' and 'Het Gezonken Goudschip' (with text by Leopold Vermeiren).

Decamps began the series 'Stef en Fingo' in Ons Land in 1955. Further episodes of the series appeared in Het Laatste Nieuws. In 1954, he developed the science fiction character 'Tom Nitro', chief of the world police, for Ivanov's Rakkersblad using the pseudonym Gene Dec. He continued to draw for Ons Land with a new episode of 'Nitro' (1956), as well as 'De Man van Venus' (1956), 'Kingstreet 2 U' (1957). He then appeared in Iris/Ons Land with 'De Snoepende Mummie' (1961), 'Het Dubois-raadsel' (1963) and 'De Gekke Kidnapper' (1964).

Decamps also created several comics in cooperation with Eduard De Rop, like the gag strip 'Geschipper naast Mathilde', based on the Flemish tv show in Zondagmorgen from 1960. In the same magazine, Decamps and De Rop came up with 'De Blaffende Stopnaald' under the collective pseudonym Ro-Cam. In addition, he has written several recipes for De Standaard. His cooking column, 'Koken in het Klein', ran in this paper's children's supplement Patskrant. A book compilation, 'Koken in het Klein' (1975), had illustrations by Dani Dacquin.

Nitro, by Eugeen Decamps
Comic art by Eugeen Decamps. 

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