Tim et Tom, by Jean-Paul Decoudun (1959)

Jean-Paul Decoudun was an artist that drew for French comic books that appeared during the 1940s and 1950s. Between 1946 and 1950 he contributed to the collections Aventures en Images and Aventures Héroïques of the Société Universelle d'Édition, and also to Del Duca's Collection L'Intrépide. He drew 'L'Avion Perdu' for Jeunes Gars (Mon Avenir) and was also active for the collection Vaillance (S.E.P.I.A., 1944-49) and the Collection Casse-Cou (S.A.E.T.L., 1949).

Tim et Tom, by Jean-Paul Decoudun (1959)

In the 1950s, he worked mainly for Artima. With Robert Lortac, he created the adventures of 'Tim et Tom' in the second series of Dynamic and later in the characters' own title (1959-60). For Artima's Aventures Film, he made 'John Boles' and he was also present in the collection Téméraire. In 1969, he illustrated two books in Dargaud's collection 'Drames et Énigmes': 'La Cas Landru' (script Jean Ollivier) and 'Un Nommé Al Capone' (script Roger Lécureux).

Tim et Tom, by Jean-Paul Decoudun (1959)Tim et Tom, by Jean-Paul Decoudun (1959)

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