Le Maugre, by Guy Dedecker

Guy Dedecker is a Belgian artist of mainly pocket comic books. He entered the comics world thanks to Michel Deligne, who published his first espionnage comic 'Contrebande'. He continued with another album for Deligne, called 'La Conspiration de Theti'. From then on, Dedecker illustrated comics for Curiosity Magazine (Deligne's fanzine) and Comics 130. After the disparition of several comic magazines, he began working for a youth organization's monthly. There, he produced three albums, 'L'Elephant et son Cornac', 'Les Aventures de Joƫlle' and 'Les Histoires Vraies de Tredor'.

Afterwards, he began working for Kiwi, where his career in pocket comics began. Dedecker's most famous comic for this magazine was 'Le Maugre', that already appeared in a French daily from the early 1970s. He has also drawn series such as 'Tex' and 'Blek'.

Le Maugre, by Guy Dedecker

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