Les infortunes de Madame de Beaufleur - La Veuve (French Kiss Comix #26)

Giovanni Degli Esposti Venturi was an illustrator and comic book artist from Castel del Rio. He has made historical illustrations, but is mainly known for his erotic comics, which he published as Giovanni Venturi, Giovanni Delgli Esposti and as simply Giovanni. He was present in the erotic publications of the Spanish publisher La Cúpula from the 1990s. His story 'La Viuda' (1995) was serialized in Kiss Comix issues 47 through 51, and was later also printed in the French edition of this magazine. The sexually explicit story dealt with the exploits of a 16th century noblewoman, who is accused of murdering her husband. Drawn in a style influenced by Magnus and the paintings and etchings of the time period, the story appeared in English as 'Lady X - Lust's Captive' (Eros Comix, 1998), and in French as 'Les Infortunes de Madame de Beaufleur' (Delcourt, 2013).

Venturi was also the author of the books 'Sexo, amor y fantasías' and 'Los Duelistas' in La Cúpula's collection 'X'. The French publisher Sybaris released his fetish comic 'La Psy' in its collection Bullix in 2006. He has furthermore regularly participated in Magnus Day, an annual event in Castel del Rio organized since 2011 by his friend Gabriele Bernabei in honor of the Italian comic book master Roberto Ravioli, a.k.a. Magnus. Gianni Degli Esposti Venturi passed away on 30 December 2016 at the age of 62, after being ill for several months.

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