Boceto para Velada by Federico Del Barrio
Boceto para Velada (Madriz, 1984)

Federico Del Barrio is one of the big names in modern Spanish comics. In the early 1980s, he published his first comics in several magazines suchs as Totem, Bumerang, Rambla and Cimoc. For the latter, he and writer F. Pérez Navarro did the series 'Tierra S. A.' (1982).

comic from Madriz (1984) by Federico Del Barrio

Del Barrio's works became more mature and personal later on, when they appeared in the magazines Madriz, Medios Revueltos and El Ojo Clínico. Some of these works were gathered in the books 'La Orilla' and 'León Doderlin'.

El artefacto perverso, by Federico Del Barrio

Federico Del Barrio did some remarkable works teaming up with writer Felipe Hernández Cava. They did the series 'Las memorias de Amorós', which consisted of the books 'Firmado: Mister Foo', 'Luz de un Siglo Muerto', 'Las Alas Calmas' and 'Ars Profética'. They also did 'La Conjura', which was the second book of a trilogy about Lope de Aguirre. In 1994 they produced 'El Artefacto Perverso' in Top Comics. They also worked as humorists for La Razón.

Noches de agua, by Federico Del Barrio

Del Barrio's occupations alternated between his comics and his work as a graphic designer and an illustrator. In addition he took up poetry and theatre. In the 1990s Del Barrio experimented new narrative techniques, under the pseudonym Silvestre. As Silvestre, he did the book 'Relations' in France and the book 'Simple' (1999) in Spain.

comic art by Federico Del Barrio

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