comic art by Claus Deleuran

Claus Deleuran made his comic debut in 1968 with the publication of his album 'Bjarke's Saga'. From 1971 on, he made the political, satirical comic 'Thorfinn' for the left-wing journal Politisk Revy. In the same genre, he created 'The Journey to Saturn' ('Rejsen til Saturn') for the periodical Corsaren in 1976. This comic's success was marked by the fact that the Christian People's Party tried to get it banned for blasphemy in 1980. For the following albums, Claus collaborated with his brother Jesper, resulting in the 'Pirelli & Firestone' series. In 1984, Claus Deleuran made an album by himself again, entitled 'Mikkeline on a Treasure Hunt'. In 1987, Deleuran started the prestigious series, 'The People's Illustrated History of Denmark', in the Copenhagen newspaper Ekstrabladet. Unfortunately, Claus Deleuran died in 1996, before he could complete his much-awarded masterpiece.

comic art by Claus Deleuran

Last updated: 2006-12-29

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