Pyongyang by Guy Delisle
'Pyongyang - A Journey in North Korea'.

After his studies in plastic arts, Guy Delisle went to work for the animation studios CinéGroupe in Montréal. When the studios folded, Delisle went to Europe, where he worked in a studio in Munich for six months. After having lived in Berlin and Valence, he finally settled in Montpellier in 1991. Although he had done an occasional comic, he began his actual comics career at L'Assocation in 1995.

Inspecteur Moroni by Guy Delisle
'Inspecteur Moroni'.

Delisle's work appeared in the periodical Lapin, and later on in albums like 'Réflexion' and 'Aline et les autres'. His experiences as a supervisor of animation work of studios in Asia were recounted in tho graphic novels 'Shenzhen' (2000) and 'Pyongyang' (2003). Delisle is also a contributor to the Canadian magazine Spoutnik. In 2001, he began the series 'Inspecteur Moroni' in the collection Poisson Pilote at Dargaud. In addition, Delisle is active in the animation field, working on the cartoon versions of 'Papyrus' (based on Lucien De Gieter's comic series of the same name) and 'Passiflore' for Dupuis-Animation and Proté-Créa.

His trip to Myanmar (Burma) with his wife, who is a Médecins Sans Frontières administrator, was chronicled in 'Chroniques Birmanes' (2007).

Guy Delisle was a strong graphic influence on Flix and Maarten Vande Wiele

Shenzen 2000, by Guy Delisle

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