Studio Mike by Delpo

An artist who signed with "Delpo" was responsible for the comic strip 'Studio Mike', which appeared in Radio Guide magazine during the first few months of 1932. Radio Guide, subtitled "the national weekly of programs and personalities" brought the weekly network radio programming schedules, but also articles about the stars, stations and networks. It was published with a variety of regional editions, each showing the major stations in a region of the USA. Radio Guide was the predecessor of TV Guide magazine.

Studio Mike by Delpo

Delpo's strip presumably only ran in the Chicago edition. The main character is a radio host whose wisecracks usually get him in trouble. Despite his rather conceited character, Mike's career lasted only from 2 January until 6 March 1932. Delpo was possibly also responsible for the other cartoony illustrations in the magazine, including the 'Studio Gossip' section. He also made regular "airicatures" of which the readers should guess whom they represented, and a series called 'Radioddities' with fun facts about the stars. The 'Radioddities' appeared until at least February 1933. A feature with the same name and lay-out by a certain Jack R. Squier was self-syndicated to newspapers in the 1938-1940 period. Squier additionally made a similar feature with the title 'NewsOddities' (which had a copyright byline to a certain "J.V. Clarke"). It is unknown if there is a relation between Delpo, Squier and Clarke.

Airicature of 25 June 1932 and a Radioddity of 11 November 1932

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