Merlin by Nicolas Demare
Merlin, la Quête de l'Épée

Nicolas Demare was born near Paris, where he spent his childhood reading comics and fantasy authors like Tolkien, Moorcock and Leiber. At age 20, he went to work in François Plisson's comics atelier. During his period, he roamed the French comic festivals with a fanzine. After his studies, he worked on infographics and video games. He was already 29 years old when he made his professional debut in the field of comics. He began an association with Jean-Luc Istin's Soleil Celtic label in 2005, where he was assigned to draw the series 'Merlin, la Quête de l'Épée' from scripts by Istin. He also participated in the art of the second book in the series 'Légendes de la Table Ronde' and served as a cover artist for several of the label's other series.

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