Michel Desmarets drew the vehicles in 'Tintin et les Picaros' (©Hergé/Moulinsart).

Michel Demarets was an artist employed by Studio Hergé from 1954 to 1986. He drew cars and other backgrounds for many of the later 'Tintin' stories, and was also responsible for the 'Jouons avec Tintin' game books (1974).

Life and career
Demarets was born in Verviers in 1935. He inherited his talent for drawing from his father Georges, who worked as a teacher. He first chose a career in industrial art, and enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts. His ambitions took another turn after his encounter with Roger Leloup, who was the assistant of comics artist Jacques Martin. By 1953, Desmarets was also part of the Martin team, which already did a considerable amount of work for Hergé. When Jacques Martin officially joined Studio Hergé in Brussels in 1954, he brought his two assistants along with him.

Michel Demarets remained one of Hergé's loyal co-workers for the next thirty years. He produced artwork for encyclopedic chromolithographs in the series 'Voir et Savoir', which could be obtained by collecting Tintin stamps. He was also involved in the production of the official 'Tintin' stories, for which he drew a great many trains, cars and airplanes. Among the books he contributed to were at least 'Tintin in Tibet' (1960), 'Tintin and the Picaros' (1976) and the redrawn version of 'The Black Island' (1966, by Bob de Moor). Michel Demarets was also responsible for the concept and production of six 'Tintin' pop-up books, as well as the game books 'Jouons avec Tintin à Moulinsart' (1974) and 'Jouons avec Tintin en Syldavie' (1974). The latter two were reprinted as one collection under the title 'Jouons avec Tintin' in 1991. Among the other artists working for Hergé during this period were, besides Leloup and Martin, Bob De Moor, Jo-El Azara and Johan De Moor.

He stayed with the team up until the closure of the studios and the establishment of the Fondation Hergé in 1986, after which he occasionally worked with Jacques Martin again on the 'Alix' series. Although his work was anonymous and discreet, Michel Demarets has contributed a lot to the graphical presentation of Hergé's later oeuvre. In old age, he received some recognition when an exposition about his work for Studio Hergé was installed in the Maison d'Adolphe Hardy in Dison in January 2012. Michel Desmarets passed away in Pepinster on 1 October 2014, at the age of 79.

From: 'Jouons avec Tintin à Moulinsart' (© Hergé/Moulinsart)

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