Auro-stop, by Renaat Demoen

Renaat Demoen was a Belgian illustrator mostly associated with De Goede Pers and their respective children's magazines Zonneland, Zonnestraal, Zonnekind and Doremi. He was basically their home illustrator between 1945 and 1980. 

Renaat Demoen was born in Emelgem in 1914.  He started his career working in a shoe factory and later as a printer in Izegem. Despite having no artistic training he decided to become an illustrator. In 1942 he met Nonkel Fons, head of De Goede Pers, the publishing branch of the abbey of Averbode. Together, they made several comics, including the colorful 'Auto-stop'. After the death of Demoen's father, he came to live in the abbey itself. After he got married, he moved to the village of Averbode.

Auro-stop, by Renaat Demoen

In 1945, Demoen drew his first comic for Zonneland, 'Jack Persson', followed by 'Spits' and eventually the popular 'Johnny de Weesjongen' in 1947 (which he took over from Jan Waterschoot). With writer John Flanders, he made 'De Zwarte Veroveraar'. Between 1945 and 1959, Demoen drew fifteen comic series for Zonneland and its French language counterpart Petits Belges, which stand out for their experimental style and a distinct influence of Hergé.

During the 1950s and 1960s Demoen also made cartoons for the Druivelaar calendars. After 1959, Demoen devoted himself to illustrations only, which he did until 1969.

Renaat Demoen passed away on 22 May 1986. Some sources have incorrectly cited 1982 as the year of his death. His archive was donated to the KADOC in Leuven/Louvain, Flemish Brabant. 

Muss Detective by Renaat Demoen
'Muss Detective' (Petits Belges, 23 June 1946).

Renaat Demoen

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