Les Voyages d'Alix by Jacques Denoel
Les Voyages d'Alix: 'Nîmes - Le Pont du Gard'.

Jacques Denoël is a Belgian comic artist, best known for drawing historical comics series. He has worked for Jacques Martin on productions like 'Arno' (1994-1997) and 'Les Voyages d'Alix' (since 1999), and created his own series, 'Les Déesses' (2005-2007), with Michel Pierret.

Early life and career
Jacques Denoël was born in 193 in Tilff, Esneux, in the province of Liège. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Liège and made his debut with 'Le Jeu de Kermadec', the sole album in the series 'Les Aventures de Valérie' (Glénat, 1991). By 1992 he also cooperated on the monthly magazine Le Bouquine by Bayard Presse. Denoël originally planned to create a follow-up to 'Les Aventures de Valérie', but in 1992 he received an offer to work with Franco-Belgian comics legend Jacques Martin, which he didn't refuse. Denoël replaced André Juillard as the artist of Martin's historical comics series 'Arno'. The comic chronicles all historic events from the French Revolution up until the end of the Napoleonic Empire through its central character, Arno.

Arno by Jacques Denoel
Arno #5 - 'L'Orgresse'.

Arno is a Venetian musician who gets involved with the revolutionary movement in 1789 and eventually gets recruited in Napoleon Bonaparte's army. He drew three albums for this series, namely '18 Brumaire' (1994), 'L'Orgresse' (1995) and 'Chesapeake' (1997), after which the series was cancelled. Denoël also assisted Martin with his signature series 'Alix', though not on the main series, but an educational spin-off book series named 'Les Voyages d'Alix'. These books provide expert writings by historians about Ancient Antiquity to which Denoël and other assistants of Martin, like Rafael Moralès, Gilles Chaillet and Pierre de Broche - among others - provided the illustrations. Denoël illustrated the three volumes about ancient costumes (1999-2002), the two about Etruscan civilization (2004, 2007) and the installment about the city of Nîmes (2012).

Les Déeses
Denoël also teamed up with writer Michel Pierret to create the historical series 'Les Déesses', of which two books were published by Glénat in 2005 and 2007. 'Les Déeses' is set during the 1930s and follows two archeologists, the old professor Devenc and his pupil Mackenzie who meet a young couple, Pylos and Asinée who come from Ancient Greece and survived all these centuries. Denoël also works as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts of Liège.

Les Déesses by Jacques Denoël
Les Déesses #1 - 'La Grande Île'.

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