Zannablu by Dentiblu

Stefano Bonfanti and Barbara Barbieri are both born in Toscane in 1976. They began their careers as illustrator and comic artist in the late 1990s, using the joint signature of Dentiblù. Through their Dentiblù studio, they work on illustrations, game and toy design and, since 2000, their comic book series 'Zannablù'. Since 2003 they work as illustrators for confectioner Ferrero. They began their collaboration with the French publishing house Vents d'Ouest in 2004, initially as colorists, later as illustrators for the collection 'Les Guides Junior' by Jacky Goupil and Sylvia Douyé (a.o. 'Le Guide Junior des Bêtises a ne pas Faire'). They also worked for Casterman's Jungle imprint on the series 'Girlz' (also with Goupil and Douyé) and the collection 'Il était une fois...'.

Girlz by Dentiblu

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