Amazing Spider-Man, by Mike Deodato Jr.
Amazing Spider-Man

Mike Deodato was born in Campina Grande, Brazil in 1963. He started drawing for American comics in the 1990s, and his clear style and craftmanship soon gained him credits on various famous titles. Among his earliest works was a comics version of the film 'Beauty and the Beast' for Innovation Publishing in 1993. He then broke through with a run on 'Wonder Woman', after which he turned to 'The Mighty Thor' with Warren Ellis and 'Glory' for Extreme Studios. Deodato's photo-realistic comic style has appeared on such popular titles as 'The Incredible Hulk', 'Amazing Spider-Man' and 'The New Avengers'. Further credits include 'Turok', 'Flash', 'Squadron Supreme' and 'Thunderbolts'.

The Ultimates Annual 2, by Mike Deodato
The Ultimates Annual 2

The Hulk, by Mike Deodato
The Incredible Hulk

Mike Deodato interview

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