ZĂ©lie by David De Thuin

David De Thuin is a Belgian comic artist, who originally signed his work with Deth. In 1993, he began a collaboration with the magazine Spirou, where he initially made editorial illustrations and the comical series 'Que sont-ils devenus?' with Thiriet. He later worked with Thiriet again on 'Veggie Squad' (2001) and 'Ben et Lux' (2006-2008), as well as 'Mon ami l'espace' for Le Journal de Mickey.

L'Envahisseur by David Deth

Between 1994 and 1996 he created the funny serial about the extraterrestial 'L'Envahisseur' in cooperation with Paul Deliège, followed by the absurd gag series about the predators 'Les Zorilles' with Corcal (Philippe Lafon) between 1998 and 2000, and collected in two books by Dupuis in 2000-2001. With Raoul Cauvin, he created  'Coup a foudre', a series about a transgender bull, of which three long stories were published in Spirou between 2008 and 2010. 

Les Zorilles
Les Zorilles

Deth has also created several children's series at the publishing house Casterman, such as 'Le Bois des Mystères' (with Corcal, 2001), 'Arthur Minus' (2002-2004) and 'Zizi la Chipie' (with Florence Sterpin, 2002). For the pocket magazine D-Lire, he makes the comic strip 'Zelie et Companie' in cooperation with Eric Corbeyran, that is also published in book format by Bayard since 2003.

Interne by David Dethuin

Throughout the years, De Thuin has also self-published several comic books, such as 'Le roi des bourdons' (2005-2007), the funny animal comic 'Pollen' (2008) and the graphic novel 'Interne' (2010-2011). In 2014 his experimental book 'La Proie', a story of 10,000 images on 1,000 pages, was published by Glénat.

La Proie by David De Thuin
La Proie


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