Un avant poste du progrès by Yannick Deubou Sikoué
Un avant poste du Progrès

Yannick Deubou Sikoué has a degree in Plastic Arts and Art History from the Yaoundé University. His first comic was 'Actions Jeunes', an educational comic in commission of Unicef in 2007. In the following year, he made promotional artwork for Hellen Keller International and CEMAC Protector, as well as illustrations for Migrations Info magazine.

He went to Morocco in 2009 following a French cultural exchange program. His project 'Sur les chemins de l'espoir' remained unfinished, but he got the opportunity to contribute to Jean-François Chanson's collective book 'La Traversée: l'enfer du h'rig', about young Moroccan migrants. Back in Cameroon, he participated in the creation of the Collectif A3, and contributed to the collective book 'Visions d'Afrique' ('Un avant poste du Progrès' with Chanson). He has also published graphical chronicles in the A3 publication Bitchakala.

His first solo comic was published by Waanda Stoudio in 2012, 'On est ensemble!!!', a graphic observation of Cameroon society. Deubou is one of the driving forces behind the Mboa Festival, the first Yaoundé comics festival, since 2010.


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