Mirko, Le Petit Duc, by DeviMirko, Le Petit Duc, by Devi

Antonio de Vita, who signed his work with Devi, was born in the 1920s. He started his career working for some Italian newspapers, but mainly for Alpe publishers in Milan. Later on, he became an artist for the French market, at Lug publishers. His two most notable series are 'Mirko, Le Petit Duc', published in the monthly Kiwi magazine and 'L'Aigle de Clermont', which appeared in Pipo. L'Aigle was about a 16th-century master swordsman, called Bussy d'Amboise, who fights to redress injustice. Throughout the years, this series has appeared under several names, such as 'Le Chevalier de la Vengeance', 'L'Aigle de Clairmont' and 'Le Cavalier Sans Nom' (this last one was used in Blek magazine).

Chevalier de Vengeance, by Devi

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