from La Monstrueuse, by Mike Diana (1996)

Mike Diana is an American underground comix artist who launched the magazine 'Boiled Angel'. This xeroxed magazine, which he mainly made to give out to his friends, was intercepted by a Florida detective who decided to sue Mike Diana for obscenity. Mike's comix, which contain a lot of hacked-off genital parts and blasphemic references to Christianity, were judged as "sexually obscene" by the jury. The artist was convicted to a disproportionally high sentence, including a prohibition to draw his comix, which was enforced by regular police searches in his own home.

Convicted, by Mike Diana

Ridiculous as this may sound, it is the truth, and it has made Mike Diana a poster child for the "obscenity" certain forces in the Land of the Free would like to see banned, as well as a famous underground artist, whose work is now sought after, and whose experiences have raised a wave of indignation among the comix community.

comic art by Mike Diana

Schoolday, by Mike Diana

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