Dolle Mina in Aksie, by Arno van Dijk

Arno van Dijk was a graphic designer, comic artist and cartoonist from Arnhem. Born Arnold Anton van Dijk in Deest, he studied at the ABK Arnhem art school between 1964 and 1969. He drew 'De Wonderbare Wederwaardigheden van Mac & Shuttle' for Muziek Express from 1972. In addition, he drew 'Dolle Mina in Aksie' in Aloha and some comics Sekstant, Nieuwe Komedie, Hollands Maandblad, Tante Leny, De Vrije Socialist and Mankrant. He ran the graphic design agency Diap in Velp, and made illustrations for De Volkskrant and NRC Handelsblad.

Roosje by Arno van Dijk
Roosje (from Utrechts Universiteitsblad)

Together with his wife, he launched the local magazine Rheder Spreng in 1995. He was a supporter of soccer club Vitesse, and has made artwork for several publications and sites related to the club. He passed away on 18 December 2014 from the results of a cardiac arrest, at the age of 69.

Charlie by Arno van Dijk
Spelvreugde: de beleving van Charlie (for, 2008)

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