'Morro de Favela'.

André Diniz is a Brazilian comic author and editor. He is one of the most prolific authors of independent graphic novels, most notably 'Subversivos' (1999), 'Morro da Favela' (2011), 'O Quilombo de Orum Aiê' (2010), 'O Negrinho do Pastoreio' (2012) and 'O Idiota' (2018). His own indie publishing label Nona Arte, active from 2000 to 2008, was one of the first Brazilian publishers to focus on digital comics.

Early life
Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1975, André Diniz Fernandes began working with comics in 1994, editing the fanzine Grandes Enigmas da Humanidade (literally "Mankind's Large Enigmas"). It had a circulation of 5,000 copies. Diniz' graphic style is based on African art and the xylograph technique. This wood engraving method is common in the Brazilian Northeast, especially in cordel literature (popular budget booklets or pamphlets containing folk novels, poems and songs).

First professional work
His first professional activities were his participations in two projects of Taquara Editorial. 'Tiririca em Quadrinhos' (1997) and 'O Estranho Mundo de Zé do Caixão' (1998) were respectively celebrity comics based on the clown Tiririca (performed by Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva) and the movie character Coffin Joe, created by filmmaker José Mojica Marins. His first independent comic book was released in 1999: 'Subversivos', a short graphic novel about an armed struggle against the Brazilian military dictatorship, which lasted from 1964 to 1985.


Nona Arte
The following year, in 2000, André Diniz founded the publishing house Nona Arte. It was initially a label destined to publish his own works, but it quickly became the homebase for many independent Brazilian artists. Antonio Eder was one of the label's most prominent artists, and also one of the editors. Nona Arte became the first Brazilian publishing house to work with mainly digital comics. Only a few books had a print version as well. Until 2005, when the publishing house closed its doors, there were hundreds of comics, e-books and e-zines available for free on the website, downloadable in PDF format. Between 2002 and 2004, Diniz and Antonio Eder also published the fanzine Informal, which featured short comics by several independent artists. During its existence, Nona Arte received 15 awards in the Troféu HQ Mix, the most important Brazilian comics award. There is no relation between the Brazilian Nona Arte and the European publishing house of the same name, which was founded in Italy in 2010.

André Diniz has more than 30 graphic novels published, both solo works and partnerships with other artists. Through Nona Arte he notably released sequels of 'Subversivos' (2000-2001, pencil art by Laudo Ferreira Jr., Omar Viñole, and Marco Paz), as well as 'Fawcett' (2000), a graphic novel about the archeologist Percy Fawcett, drawn by Flavio Colin. His solo Nona Arte books were '31 de Fevereiro' (2001) and 'A Classe Média Agradece' (2003). After 2005, his books have been released by other labels, including Record, LeYa, Conrad, Devir, Jupati and Companhia das Letras. Diniz has served as a scriptwriter for Antonio Eder ('Chalaça, o Amigo do Rei' in 2005, '7 Vidas' in 2009), Tiburcio ('Ponha-se na Rua', 2006), José Aguiar ('Ato 5', 2009), Pablo Mayer ('Duas Luas', 2013), Mario Cau ('Quando a Noite Fecha os Olhos', 2015), Tainan Rocha ('Que Deus Te Abandone', 2015) and Laudo Ferreira Jr. ('Olimpo Tropical', 2017).

Morro da Favela
One of Diniz' most prominent works is the graphic novel 'Morro da Favela' (Leya Brasil/Barba Negra, 2011), which tells the story of the Brazilian photographer Maurício Hora, who was born and raised in Morro da Providência, the first favela of Rio de Janeiro. This graphic novel was also published in Portugal, the United Kingdom (as 'Picture a Favela'), France ('Photo de la Favela') and some other countries.

'O Negrinho do Pastoreio'.

Historical fiction
Other major works by André Diniz are 'O Quilombo Orum Aiê' (Galera Record, 2010) and 'O Negrinho do Pastoreio' (Ygarapé, 2012). Both were distributed to Brazilian public schools through a government program. The first book mixes history and fiction to tell the story of three slaves and a prisoner who, after escaping during a revolt in 1835, search for the legendary "quilombo" of Orum Aiê. This hinterland settlement was a place where they believe they could live free. The second book is a retelling of one of the most popular Brazilian legends, about a slave boy who is punished to death by a farmer who accused him of losing his horse. The next day, the farmer finds the boy alive and unharmed beside the Virgin Mary and the lost horse. After asking the boy's forgiveness, the boy says nothing and leaves galloping away with the horse.

O Idiota
André Diniz has lived and worked in Lisbon, Portugal, since 2016. There he worked on 'O Idiota' (Companhia das Letras, 2018), a comic adaptation of the 1874 book 'The Idiot' by the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky. The adaptation, with more than 400 pages, is almost completely without dialogues or text, in total opposition to the usual excess of text in literary adaptations. The book was first published in Portugal and then in Brazil.

Further works
Among André Diniz' other solo books are 'Chico Rei' (Franco Editora, 2006), 'A Cachoeira de Paulo Afonso' (Pallas, 2011), 'Z de Zelito' (Desiderata, 2013), 'Homem de Neanderthal' (Desiderata, 2013), 'Mako' (Marsupial Editora/Jupati Books, 2016) and 'Matei Meu Pai e Foi Estranho' (Marsupial Editora/Jupati Books, 2017). He also made graphical contributions to 12 volumes of the collections 'História do Brasil em Quadrinhos', História Geral em Quadrinhos' and 'Filosofia em Quadrinhos' (2008), and to the Mauricio De Souza tribute album 'MSP +50 – Mauricio de Sousa por Mais 50 Artistas' (Panini Brasil, 2010).

André Diniz was awarded 16 times during the most important Brazilian award events, the Troféu HQ Mix and Prêmio Angelo Agostini. For instance, he received four awards as best writer, one for best editor and five for best webcomic.

'O Idiota'.


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