'Leftovers!', from Weirdo #6.

Raymond Larrett was an American cartoonist, illustrator and designer from San Francisco, also known under his comix artist persona Norman Dog. During the 1980s, he was part of the "new wave" of indie comix creators, and perfectly captured that period's zeitgeist in his regular feature 'Bad Habits' (1981-2007).

'The Knuckleheads', from RAW #8 (September 1986).

Comix career
Norman Dog's name began to appear in alternative publications from the San Francisco Bay Area from 1979 on. He was best-known for his weekly feature 'Bad Habits' (1981-2007), which appeared in a select group of weekly papers, most notably the East Bay Express. His comix and cartoons also appeared in The Utne Reader, Anarchy Comix, Robert Crumb's Weirdo, Art Spiegelman's RAW, Spin Magazine, Anarchy Comics, The Chicago Reader, Suburban High Life and Funny Times, but also in several handmade xeroxed mini-comix (including Dale Luciano's Dada Gumbo #5 in November 1984). Norman Dog's comic strips were generally made in an landscape format, and gave a witty, cynical, self-aware and at times absurd view on mankind and its hang to pop culture, bureaucracy, boredom, overreacting and general numbness. A 'Bad Habits' book collection was published in 1984. Norman Dog, ironically nicknaming himself "America's Most Beloved Cartoonist™", continued to contribute his comix and cartoons to the East Bay Express until 2007.

'Curse of the Mysterious Horror', from Weirdo #6.

Commercial designer & illustrator
Larrett later also ventured into illustration and design work. During the 1980s and 1990s he designed posters, merchandise and promotional material for Winterland Productions, a merchandising management company in San Francisco. He furthermore made cartoons and caricatures related to acts and franchises like N'SYNC, Backstreet Boys, Marilyn Manson, Pokémon, Universal Films and Jurassic Park, and oversaw a host of other print, video and online productions for the company, most notably their first database-driven catalog for print and interactive disc. After 2001 he did design work for several other companies and products, including marketing materials for consumer kitchen products, CD package designs for Clear Note Publications, pro bono design work for public service organizations through the Taproot Foundation and eBook design at Stone Bridge Press. Since 2010 he made illustrations for how-to books by Weldon Owen Publishing, including 'Show Me How', 'Show Dad How', 'Show Me How To Survive', 'Show Off' and 'The Total Gun Manual'.

'Bad Habits' (The East Bay Express, 17 May 2006).

Digital production & publishing
Raymond Larrett was a multimedia designer for Kinetech Arts, Kineviz, Inc. and the California State University in Monterey Bay. In 2010 he founded his own publishing label Puzzled Squirrel Press, which specialized in the publication of humor, history and mind control eBooks. The label also released kindle collections of older Norman Dog work, such as 'The 37 Cartoons You Should Read Before You Die (The Norman Dog Archives)' (2011) and 'Dr. Doofus' (2011). Operating at the vanguard of new techniques, Larrett authored tutorials on Adobe Illustrator for Peachpit Press' WOW! series (2012-2014).

Raymond Larrett passed away in January 2020.

Comic for Anarchy Comix, by Norman Dog
From: Anarchy Comics #4.

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